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The Journey

For the past six years I have been on the road, exploring, adventuring, and working whatever jobs I can find to fund my next mission. From escorting billionaires on their private superyachts in the Mediterranean, to picking potatoes in dusty fields, and everywhere in between, it was this journey that taught me the most in life.

Since switching to professional photography, the journey still continues, but these qualities or lessons learnt are heavily weaved throughout my work. 

Humility, authenticity, vulnerability, an insatiable thirst for adventure, and living simply is what I am all about. 

Work with me

After an amazing 2018 with insane adventures and an ever-growing community of over 100,000 followers behind me, I am planning my schedule for 2019. I am open to all kinds of collaborations, anywhere in the world.

Services include:

- photography

- videography

- storytelling

- aerial services captured with drone

- content creation

- social media influenceing

- social media management - account take overs, strategies, and management

If you would be interested in working with me and would like to start a conversation please contact me below. 


Prints Available

Each image below is available as a limited edition print in an 8x10inch format, and is able to be shipped worldwide.
If there is another image of mine which you would like, but is not available in my shop, please let me know and I will do my best to make it available. 


Seashore Dreams

As the wind blows and the sun sets, she sucks the salty air deep within her lungs. Vulnerable in her world she takes a stand in the wind, embracing the elements, as she lovingly admires the show Mother Nature provides .


The Valley is Brewing

Two storms rolled in from either end of the valley. Wind whipped up the face of El Capitan so ferociously that the falling snow was whisked vertically back up the face again. Standing on the edge snow literally hit us from every direction.



As the sun rose the illuminated peaks melted into shadows, creating shapes and features that would only last a fleeting moment. Following the weaving sand dune ridge lines I became lost, lost in the beauty of the sunrise.





I am Jess Bonde, an adventure, travel and lifestyle photographer hailing from the pristine lands of Tasmania. From a young age I was lucky enough to be continually immersed in the outdoors. As life rolled on I discovered photography was the perfect medium to showcase my love of nature, my adventures, and share how awesome our natural environment is. 
So here I am, sharing my passions, and hoping to inspire you to get outdoors and do the same.