Can you ship Internationally?

Yes. If you have a shippable address anywhere in the world I will make it happen.  


Do I get a specific ticket to be in the running for the Van once I have purchased a print?

No. I will take each persons name who purchases a print and enter it into the draw. So as long as you order a print, you are in the draw. 


Can I purchase multiple prints and have more of a chance of winning the van?

Yes. Each print sold will give the purchaser a ticket into the draw. If you buy three prints, your name will be entered into the draw three times. 


Can I be in the van giveaway without ordering a print?

No. You must order a print to be in the draw.

What happens if all 400 prints are not sold and the giveaway period closes?

I will do my absolute best to ensure all 400 prints are sold, however, in the case they are not, each person who has purchased a print will still receive their print they have purchased, and the van will no longer be given away.

If I am the winner of the van giveaway, how do I claim my prize?

You must be able to either come in person, or know someone who is willing to sign the change of ownership papers in Alberta, Canada. The prize must be claimed by June, 2019.


Is there anything I need to know about the van?

It runs great, has been obsessively maintained, and will give you plenty more miles of roadtripping pleasure. It comes with everything you need to start your adventure, from pots & pans, cooker, bed, heater, inverter & leisure batteries, and lights.
Mechanically it is in fantastic shape and I will ensure it is serviced prior to you picking it up. Cosmetically it does have some scratches and dents on the outside, nothing too major, and some small surface rust in sections . These are the only issues I am aware of. 


How will the winner be notified?

The winner will be notified via email and announced on social media.