8 Items to Stylise Your Van For The Perfect Instagram Shoot

8 Items to Stylise Your Van For The Perfect Instagram Shoot

You’ve been dreaming about vanlife, you have the floor plan down, you know all of the luxuries you’re going to deck it out with, but what about those finishing touches? The small items that give your van a cosy feel that not only makes it feel like home but look pretty dam good on your Instagram feed too… Here are my top 8 items to make you never want to leave your van, stop your audience scrolling, and get your van noticed!

Wildbonde - 8 Items to Stylise your Van
Wildbonde - Cosy Vanlife Items

  1. Fairy Lights - The warm yellow globes dangled around the van give off the perfect ambient light for ALL of the cosy vibes. You may initially find them a little annoying when driving but you soon get used to them.

  2. Polaroid - the vintage look of these polaroids will fit any setting, and they’re actually great keep sakes so convincing your purely practical partner you need one should be a breeze. 

Wildbonde - Vanlife Items for Cosy Vibes

3. Lanterns - A couple of options with battery powered or lamp oil. Battery powered are a little safer for your van, however the light is not as soft and ambient. The lamp oil option is great for use just outside the van as you truely cant beat a real flame. 

4. Candles - who doesn’t love the gentle flickering of candle light? Enough said, they’re awesome and hella homey. 

Wildbonde - Essential Vanlife Items
Wildbonde - Cosy Vanlife Vibes

5. Map - Not only is it essential to keep those travel dreams primed, a rustic looking map can be a gorgeous feature on your wall or roof. 

6. Axe - A necessity for campfires and hiding under your pillow in those sketchy spots (jokes!), it’s surprising how much you will use this item. 

Wildbonde - Cool Rustic Van Life  Items

7. Plants - Whilst I have managed to kill every plant species that I have tried to love and nurture, when they are alive they do look

8. Blanket - The one item that can completely transform the look and feel of your van, this one is essential! Pendleton, Woolrich and Sackcloth X Ashes have an amazing selection and will give your van allllllll the cosy vibes!